Who we are?

We thank GOD ! for all His blessings and the way He has helped us thru all this years!  Turned 20 in 2020 !

For been able to share support and help to different ministries around the globe..  And to you ALL! 

for been a loyal member and part of this incredible voyage through time!! 

Jesus is coming soon! lets keep it up, with His invitation to all man kind!  Share the Good News !

For you have need of patience, that, after you have done the will of God, you might receive the promise.
For yet a little while, and he that shall come will come, and will not tarry. -Hebrews 10 : 36,37.

Eleden.Net live streaming services began back in the year 2000 as a hobby.  Starting with audio-only, using windows-media-services.  Close to a year of been using just audio in 2001, we begin with basic windows-media Video, it was something!   We were among the first in our state, if not the first, implementing and distributing the streams to the world.   Since then, we have incorporated other formats and technologies like:  Icecast2, Flashcom and WOWZA-Media.  We are also streaming live to APPs platforms, desktops, devices, tablets and mobiles.   For most, we initially push our own desktop players for audio and video.., later we  incorporated, JWPlayer, Theo-Player, but for now, we keep using the Flowplayer 7 as our web player, with our own around functions and modifications surrounding it.

We are a small-to-medium sized business.  At Eleden.Net, you'll get straight-forward solutions, reliable services, and a dedicated response and at an affordable cost.

In this APPs area, you could find us at the respective APP stores.


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All APPs are free and free of Ads


Services We Offer

Among  of what is already described, we do love to help in other areas. We do listen and analyze, troubleshoot, fix or find a resource to take care of your technical issues. If we cannot find a solution, we would not charge a penny. Your problem is a high priority for us.  We can achieve this, by utilizing the phone, remote access technology or on-site basis.

  • Live Streaming and content distribution
  • Computers, laptops, printers
  • Troubleshoot, migrations, installs, repairs
  • VoIP Telephony & Sip Trunking ( newest addition )


If you have any question or doubts, Please, Dont hesitate to give us a call or write us an email.

Our Services


Multi-Platform APP

Call / Chat from:
An email, Web or URL,
Browser Extension,
Install it in your computer,
Install it in your Cellphone or Tablet.
Ultra-Low Battery consumption.
Set DID inbound calls to anonymous.
We work 3CX, GrandStream, Vodia.

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Voicemail, WebCall

OnSite PBX unreachable?
Our System will pickup and get a voicemail that your customer could left, for a later retrieval while your OnSite PBX is unreacheable. We also have the WebCall service to call your PBX from the internet browser directly, from anywhere & for free.

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Outage of some kind? Phone presence need? Sound like a professional and big business? -We can help!, we can offer you that, and then route the calls to your cell or fixed phone number(s)  Only need to reserve how many concurrent calls/lines you would like to handle?

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Reach your cell phones or telephones, from a main number a menu, or both, without disclosure your far end telephone or cell phone numbers.  Call us or write us, to offer you the best possible scenario for your business or personal usage. budget scenario.

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 A 2021 affiliate


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3CX-PBX comes with

APP for ( Android, Apple  o/s )

Web browser- Interface

Windows Desktop phone

Click-2-Call (chat, talk) button

And more...

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Hosted PBX

In case you prefer not to own or rent an appliance or software at the location of interest, we can host the extensions for you.  You can then connect anything to it, like Softphones, ATA's, Appliances or Hardware phones, PBX's etc. to it.  Call us, to discuss your needs and find out how can we serve you better with best possible budget scenario.

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OnSite PBX

You can keep your existing software or Premises PBX and use it thorough our soft-switch and system to keep your business going. One of the advantages to keep it is, that no matter the internet fails, you will keep your internal office without interruption to communicate.

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Porting, e911

We can port in your current number(s), get you new ones from around the world, local states, counties or cities.  We can also provide you with  e911, 933, 988 access.

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HTTPS Streaming

Secure native (no proxy) HTTPS streaming is available on Icecast 2, Icecast KH & Shoutcast 2.6 Streams. HTTPS streaming via proxy is available for all other services.

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Station Public Page

All audio services are provided with a simple and customizable public start page for each audio streaming service

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Auto DJ Playlists

Our HTML5 drag and drop builder allows you to quickly create General Rotation, Interval and Scheduled Playlists.

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HTML5 Player

Full support for HTML 5 media player compatible with MP3 and AAC streams. Our Flowplayer 7 version for audio/video is available!

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Player Links

Copy and paste links for every device available with our HTML examples.

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Geo Locking

Configure which countries have access to listen to your streaming services.

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WOWZA Streaming Engine Features

Wowza Streaming Engine

Both audio & video streaming is possible using Wowza REST api integration. Our software supports Live Streaming, Ondemand Streaming, TV Station (playlist), IP Camera Restream, Shoutcast & Icecast Restreaming. Compatible with Wowza Streaming Engine 4.

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Video TV Stations

Using the power of Wowza Streaming Engine, our software allows you to create and schedule video playlists just like a real TV Station.

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reStream and more...

Stream-Target to:

nDVR, Transcoding, Transrating...

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Historical Reporting

Provides a detailed report of your services including information for past 24 hours, 7 days, 14 days, entire month or last month. View detailed reports of Connections, Sessions, Media Files, Countries & Traffic.

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Server Statistics

Complete and full detailed graphics, reports, statistics in detail, behind your channels traffic.

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Reseller Support

Create resellers and provide extensive plans with our extremely configurable reseller plan editor.

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Voip Pricing ( Introductory )

Forward call & web-call
From $19 per channel/month

  • For Emergencies
  • For Disasters, convenience
  • FWD Calls to a menu US/PR
  • FWD calls to cellular's  US/PR
  • Free Web-Call to number
  • Free Web-Call to PBX
  • Free for the caller
  • FWD Calls unlimited
Business plan
From $25 per channel/month

  • 2 or more Channels
  • Flat fee, e911 Available
  • Unlimited calls
  • Unlimited minutes
  • Unlimited includes US & PR
  • Overseas calls available
  • Premises or Hosted
  • Online billing
Pay as you go
From $25 per month

  • Multiple Channels
  • e911 Available
  • Pay per minute rate
  • Free 500min monthly
  • Default zones: US/PR
  • Overseas calls available
  • Premises or Hosted
  • Online billing

Streaming Pricing

video w/audio
From $50/month

  •  h.264 video AAC video/audio
  • Transrate default
  • Transcoding available
  • Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
  • Audio from video only avail
  • Unmetered/unlimited avail.
  • Full Real-Time Statistics
  • Online billing for all plans
audio only
From $25/month (Special Offer)

  • Starts w/100 Users @ 64k
  • Avail. AAC, MP3, WMA, Ogg
  • Unmetered bandwidth avail.
  • Unlimited Connections*
  • Chat Channel
  • Hurricane, Earthquake links
  • Full Real-Time Statistics
  • *Under same users limit.

  • Rent of channels by TRX user
  • Avail. in Flash for web or standalone
  • Receiver is free and unlimited
  • Chat or intercommunication
  • Medium, low and high audio
  • Mute, Mic & Audio gain bars
  • Managed by group or groups
  • Nothing to install.


Contact Us

Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

  P.O. Box 6783 Mayaguez PR 00681
+1 787 208 7078 - 787 349 9884 (WhatSap)
+1 407 743 9995 || CHAT or CALL FREE  HERE !